place x place

11 June – 4 July, 2020

Yoshitaka Nanjo, who has been producing landscapes based on fieldwork, says that moving from Tokyo to Wakayama in 2016 has significantly changed the way he interacts with landscapes. Up until now, the concept of location had always been incorporated into his artwork, but recently he has also begun creating works that stem from his deep relationship with the forest. In addition to his exemplary works-‘cluster’series- that display the course of events throughout the past few years, in this exhibition, he introduces his new ‘Mori’ series (lit. forest), as well as some of his related previous works.




press release (PDF)
exhibition date

11 June – 4 July, 2020, 13:00 – 19:00

*Gallery will open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Reservation only at Monday and Tuesday.
*Gallery will be closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays.

opening reception

No reception for this exhibition.

installation views
works exhibited
From the woods 5 / 森の中から 1, 2020

Yoshitaka Nanjo / 南条嘉毅

From the woods 1 / 森の中から1, 2020

Yoshitaka Nanjo / 南条嘉毅

cluster010.wall painting, 2019

Yoshitaka Nanjo / 南条嘉毅

cluster051.wall painting, 2019

Yoshitaka Nanjo / 南条嘉毅

cluster042.wall painting, 2019

Yoshitaka Nanjo / 南条嘉毅

cluster006.symbol, 2019

Yoshitaka Nanjo / 南条嘉毅

la lumière #8, 2009

Taro Morimoto / 森本太郎