Tetsuji SETA / 瀬田 哲司

Tetsuji Seta takes the traditional, closed shapes of the medal, which is mainly old in Europe, and turns it into an open, three-dimensional two-tiered structure, while at the same time replacing the once “special events for which the medal should be made” – such as war and marriage – with extremely everyday moments, adding elements from nature to these two parallel moments. In doing so, Seta generated meaning naturally. It is this unique style of combining geometric shapes with smaller shapes picked up from nature and the skill of casting that has made Seta’s work notable in the field of contemporary art medals. In this exhibition, we will be seeing new works that further refine recent finishing techniques.


FIDEM (Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d’Art/国際美術メダル連盟)会員
BAMS (British Art Medal Society) 会員


2016 「瀬田哲司メダル展」
2018 「日日是好日」, 「Tetsuji SETA」(Paris)
2020 「パラレルワールド/併行世界」

Public Collections

2006年 大英博物館(イギリス)《They repeat one’s act forever》
2009年 大英博物館(イギリス)《November 2009 acorn caps KOUZOUJI NEWTOWN》
2009年 ヌーシャテル美術歴史博物館(スイス)《Mon jardin La feuille du camellia Janvier 2010》
2012年 University of Bergen(ノルウェー) Greeting medal
2012年 Museum Beelden aan Zee(オランダ)《The noon of April 29thWilliam and Kate road in a carriage procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace》
2012年 Teylers Museum(オランダ)《JST 21:40:21,May 30, 2011 I received e-mail from Teylers MuseumRainy morning, May 31, 2011 I found the goldfish in the garden dead”》
2014年 Museum Beelden aan Zee(オランダ)《An old itinerant buddhist was doing yard cleaning He was injured to his head 3 months ago August 2 / I received an e-mail from Netherlands. We will meet at Sophia in September. August 4, 2014 21:19:51 JST》
2017年 Teylers Museum(オランダ)
2018年 大英博物館(イギリス)


2010年11月 第31回JAMA創作メダル彫刻展(日本藝術メダル協会) 秀作賞
2012年7月 第32回FIDEM(Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d’Art) Grand Prix
2017年 第2回Jaap van der Veen / Teylers Museum Prize 受賞 (オランダ、Teylers Museum)