Shinichiro Koromo / 衣真一郎


Shinichiro Koromo has focused on the shapes, colors, and internal time of actual ancient tombs, mountains, people, clay figures, and still lifes. He produces paintings and sculptures combining multiple perspectives and different senses of scale generated through actually seeing and touching the above. Koromo’s artworks are produced taking the characteristic atmosphere in Gunma accumulated in himself as physical senses. They are depicted as sceneries with new relations as the positioned motif colors, shapes, and blank sections respond.


Shinichiro Koromo:

1987 Born in Gunma, Japan
2013 BFA, Tokyo Zokei University
2014-15 École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, exchange student program
2016 MFA, Tokyo University of the Arts


Selected Exhibitions

2014 “Rural Landscape” Gendai HEIGHTS Gallery DEN&.ST(Tokyo)

“TWS-Emerging 214 Landscape and Still life” Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya(Tokyo)

2015 “Choque Parisien” Maison du Japon, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris(Paris)

2016 “Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2016” Marunouchi Building, Marucube(Tokyo)
“Town” switch point(Tokyo)

2017 “Gunma Biennnale for Young Artists 2017” Museum of Modern Art, Gunma(Gunma)
“BankART Bank U35 2017” BankART Studio NYK(Kanagawa)

2018 “para nature” EUKARYOTE(Tokyo)

2019 ”project N 75 KOROMO Shinichiro” Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (Tokyo)

2021 “VOCA 2021” The Ueno Royal Museum

2022 “Looking for that Landscape” Takasaki Museum of Art(Gunma)
“Scenic Depictions of Picturesque Scenery” Borderless Art Museum NO-MA(Shiga)

2023 “Mitsubishi Corporation ART GATE Program 2021-2022 Exhibition” Daikanyama Hillside Forum(Tokyo)
“Lying Landscape” See Saw Gallery + hibit(Aichi)
“curator’s vol.4 Koromo Shinichiro “Tumulus, Mountain” “GALLERY TAGA 2(Tokyo)


Shinichiro Koromo / 衣真一郎


Photo: Ken Kato

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