Toshiya Motai Exhibition / 母袋俊也「Himmel Bild」

5 June – 1 July, 2014

Toshiya Motai, during his study in Germany in 1986, was inspired by the idea of displaying and presenting a picture using plural panels. Since then, he continued to develop his own theory and produce work through pursuing the correlation between presentation format and spirituality.

After returning to his studio in Tachikawa, Japan, he has produced an even number of work panels using his own presentation format, and named it TA (TAchikawa) series. Motai has been working on TA since 1999, along with his another series of experiential visual installations titled, Pictorial Booth. Also from 2001, Motai created the series called, Qf, presenting pieces in “quadratic” format that are “full” of colors and brush strokes with no blank area.

The great earthquake of March 2011 and following events made Motai reconsider the role of art. In November 2013, Motai then attempted, in his installation art known as Floating Statues, Emerging Spaces at the former textile factory in Ome, to display his view over the role of art in capturing a slightly overlapped space between the reality, “the ground,” and the surreal, “the above/heaven.” In this art installation, Motai has set up a booth, an “emerging space,” developed by two smaller partitioned areas of darkness and light. His painting series of Qf/SHOH<>90/Holz5 was exhibited in the dark area while his Himmel Bild series was exhibited on the upper portion of the walls in the rear exhibit space.

At Gallery Taga2, Motai presents his most recent series Himmel Bild and palettes used particularly for this work. The title, Himmel Bild, is a combination of two German words ― “himmel” meaning sky, heaven, or above, and “bild” meaning a statue, picture, or an image. Motai describes, “The series of colors in the sky is a phenomenal representation of a friendly exchange between light and air above us, which gets reciprocated onto the palette of earthly pigments and then becomes art work to be displayed on the walls or to return to the off-ground spaces.“ The exhibition at Gallery Taga2 aims to present this relationship between the heavenly and earthly images using palettes and unique displays at the upper walls.





このインスタレーションでは、闇と光の小空間に2分割された《小屋・現出の場》を設営し、その暗室内に絵画作品《Qf/SHOH<掌>90/Holz5》を掲げ、また展覧会場背後の壁面上部には《Himmel Bild》を展示しました。

今回の展覧会では、この母袋俊也の新シリーズ《Himmel Bild》と《Himmel Bild》専用のパレットワゴンを展覧します。

Himmel Bildとは、Bildがドイツ語で「像」「絵」「イメージ」、Himmelが「空」、しかし英語の「Sky」とは異なり、加えて「天」の意味も持っており、つまりHimmel Bild=「天・空の像」という意味になります。

「上空で繰り広げられる光りと大気の交歓の現象として現れる空の色彩は、パレット上での顔料による色彩という現象に変換され、再び大地から離れた壁面上方に掲げられる。」という母袋のテクスト通り、ギャラリー会場にパレットワゴンを持ち込み、壁面上方に《Himmel Bild》シリーズを掲げて展示します。

exhibition date

5 June – 1 July, 2014, 12:00 – 19:00

(last day, 12:00 – 17:00)

*Gallery will be closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays.

opening reception

5 June, 2014, 18:00 – 20:00

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