Kouki MIWA  July 5 – July 30, 2018
《黄のチューリップ》《赤のチューリップ》《白のチューリップ》、平面作品5点(「群馬の美術 2017 -地域社会における現代美術の居場所」展会場風景/撮影:木暮伸也 写真提供:群馬県立近代美術館)

Kouki MIWA  July 5 – July 30, 2018

Miwa’s tulips appeared at his previous solo exhibition in 2015 and slowly changed in shape as they were continuously made. Recently, their form better expresses the “absence and blank space” that is important in Miwa’s creations. This exhibition composes of these tulips and around 20 flat artworks on the theme of landscapes. The landscapes that “renew the eternal now,” which Miwa has seen in his travels between Tokyo and Gunma, extend horizontally in concert with the vertical tulips. Do come and see the exhibition.

Thursday, July 5 – Monday, July 30, 2018, 12-19PM (last day, 12-17PM)
*Gallery will be closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays.
1-34-2 Soshigaya Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0072, JAPAN
Opening reception
July 7, 6:30 – 8:30 PM